Yunus Turhan

Visiting Study Fellow

Yunus Turhan is an International Relations PhD Candidate at the Middle East Technical University, Turkey. His PhD thesis look at the humanitarian activities of Turkish faith-based NGOs in Africa. His research aims to reveal basic motivations behind faith-based NGOs’  aid activities to understand how their activities converge with or diverge from state’s official aid activities. 

Prior to this, he completed his master’s degree in International Relations (with honours) at Hacettepe University. Between 2006 and 2007, Yunus lived and studied in South Africa and has taken part in humanitarian projects in Sub-Saharan Africa such as in Mozambique and Tanzania. 

His present research covers politics of non-state actors, development, politics of foreign aid,faith-based and secular NGOs, peace and conflict studies and Turkey-Africa relations. He has presented at many academic platforms including the International Studies Association (ISA) and Association for the Study of Middle East and Africa (ASMEA).