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Student Resources

CSIA’s comparative approach offers many opportunities to engage with research students, whether at master’s, doctoral or post-doctoral level.

The project team would be particularly interested in hearing from if you are carrying out ethnographic or survey work with one of the institutions selected for study, or with their followers. There may be the possibility of becoming a CSIA research collaborator.

There are various ways in which the project might support your research, if shared areas of research interest can be identified:


Small contributions can be made towards supporting fieldwork costs, if in return you are able to incorporate some fieldwork of relevance to the project into your plans.



CSIA will run a number of seminar series in Oxford, enabling the team to share findings and to hear from others working on similar themes. If you are researching ideas or institutions that tie into the project’s research focus, we would encourage you to consider presenting your work at one of our seminars.

Specialist workshops

As the project develops, we will be holding specialist workshops on each of the institutions selected for study. Experts on these institutions will be invited to give critical feedback on the work done by the team. If you are researching these, or similar, institutions and feel you would benefit from attending one of our workshops, please get in touch.

Post-graduate workshops

The project also organises post-graduate workshops on themes of interest from time to time. Calls for proposals are widely circulated and you should keep an eye on the Publications and Events section of our website for details.


Jointly-authored papers

The project offers research students the opportunity to work on jointly-authored papers, if you would benefit from analysing your material from a conceptual lens that is of interest to the project team.

CSIA publications

You are also welcome to submit your work for possible publication in the CSIA Working Papers series, or in one of our edited volumes.

Visiting Studentships

In a few cases, the project may also host final-year doctoral students in Oxford on short CSIA visiting studentships. These studentships will only be offered if it is felt that your presence in Oxford would help the project team to develop a specific aspect of our research.

Whether you are a research student from Oxford or from elsewhere, we would encourage you to approach Professor Masooda Bano ( with your ideas, if you are interested in getting involved with the project in any way.

Please note that the project has now ended.