Publications and Events

Articles, edited volumes and monographs will contribute to a number of scholarly traditions, including in-depth studies on institutions of Islamic authority; the growing body of work on Muslims in Europe; studies on diasporas and transnational Islamic networks; works on Islamic thought and the theoretical debate on informal institutions and development using empirics from religious behaviour.

Planned CSIA publications include:

  • Working papers
  • Journal articles
  • Edited volumes (bringing together the work of the core team, the project’s seminar series or specialist workshops)
  • Single-authored monographs

Current and Forthcoming Publications

The first two years of the project were dedicated to producing a core body of knowledge on each of the institutions being studied. This included their origins; philosophical and methodological approaches; and positions on real-life issues faced by Muslims today. This research is forthcoming in the form of two edited volumes – one focusing on the old centres of authority, a second on the newly-emerging institutions in the West – as well as a number of single-authored monographs and journal articles.

Single-Authored Monographs

  • Bano, Masooda (2020) The Revival of Islamic Rationalism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 
  • Bano, Masooda (2017) Female Islamic Education Movements: The Re-democratisation of Islamic Knowledge. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. For Chapter 1, click here.

Edited Volumes

  • Bano, Masooda (ed.). (2020) The Future of Salafism. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 
  • Bano, Masooda (ed.). (2018) Modern Islamic Authority and Social Change Vol 1: Evolving Debates in the Muslim-Majority Countries. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. For the introduction, click here.
  • Bano, Masooda (ed.). (2018) Modern Islamic Authority and Social Change Vol 2: Evolving Debates in the West. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. For the introduction, click here

Journal Articles

  • Bano, M., & Benadi, H. (2017). Regulating religious authority for political gains: al-Sisi’s manipulation of al-Azhar in Egypt. Third World Quarterly, 1-18. doi:10.1080/01436597.2017.1369031 For the abstract, click here.
  • Bano, M. (2017). At the Tipping Point?: al-Azhar’s Growing Crisis of Moral Authority. International Journal of Middle East Studies. For the abstract, click here.

Working Papers

  • Younas, S. (2019). The Medical Sciences in the Ayyubid Era. For the working paper, click here


The project has plans for a number of CSIA events, aimed at gaining specialist input and at sharing its scholarship with a wider academic audience.

Advisory Committee Meetings

Biennial meetings of the CSIA Advisory Committee help steer the project on core conceptual and methodological issues. For information on previous Advisory Committee meetings, click here.


CSIA will run a number of seminar series in Oxford, enabling the team to share findings and to hear from others working on similar themes.

Specialist workshops

As the project develops, specialist workshops are planned on each of the institutions selected for study. Leading experts on these institutions will be invited to give critical feedback on the work produced by the project team.

Post-graduate workshops

The project also organises post-graduate workshops on themes of interest from time to time. Calls for proposals are widely circulated and posted on the Publications and Events section of our website. For information on previous post-graduate workshops, click here.


A major international conference is planned for the final year of the project, to enable the CSIA team to present their research findings to a large academic and policy audience.