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This five-year research project brings together Islamic textual scholars, ethnographers and survey specialists and is designed to have a highly interdisciplinary research team.

Core Team

At any given point in the five-year project cycle, the Principal Investigator (Professor Masooda Bano) is supported by two full-time Research Officers and a part-time Project Coordinator. Given the focus on textual analysis in the first two years, the current Research Officers have a strong Islamic Studies background; Research Officers appointed in the second half of the project are expected to have a strong background in designing and implementing surveys.

Advisory Committee

Given the number of institutions under study and the complex cultural and historical contexts that shape them, the project draws heavily on the expertise of its Advisory Committee members. These are all leading experts in their fields, which include Islamic history, Islamic studies, Muslim politics, the anthropology of Muslim societies and the ethics of carrying out cross-country comparative research. The Advisory Committee thus has a very active role to play in the shaping of this project.

CSIA is also grateful to many other senior academics within Oxford, who routinely contribute much of their time towards both project-related academic and administrative matters. The support of the late Abdul Raufu Mustafa and the ongoing support of Ronald Nettler is particularly noteworthy.

Project Research Collaborators

The number and complexity of the selected institutions also means that the project team actively seeks to develop ideas for collaborative research with other scholars and students who are working on these institutions. Most such collaborations will be clearly targeted towards producing jointly-authored journal articles or book chapters.

Visiting Scholars

Senior scholars who have established expertise on some aspect of the project’s research will be invited to become a scholar in residence in Oxford for a month.