Arndt Emmerich

Research Officer

Arndt recently completed his DPhil at the Oxford Department of International Development. In his thesis, he used a variety of ethnographic methods to research how Islamic movements in India have transformed over the past 20 years, appealing to members and supporters and embracing a discourse of Muslim empowerment and inclusive politics. At the core of his thesis is an analysis of the recent academic literature on Muslim citizenship politics and the growing involvement of Islamist organisations in the democratic process and electoral politics. Arndt’s current research interests lie at the intersection between Islam, education, minority politics and secularism. Arndt holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Essex and an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford.

As a Research Officer, closely working with Professor Masooda Bano on the Changing Structures of Islamic Authority Project, Arndt is interested in the ways Muslim teenagers and young adults acquire knowledge and learn about Islam in European societies. Using sociological concepts such as social capital, resource mobilisation and neighbourhood studies, the research will analyse how communities, families, mosques, state and Islamic schools and other social institutions play a role in the formative experiences of young Muslims. The data collection for this qualitative and comparative study will be carried out through interviews, focus groups, and participant observations in three neighbourhoods in the UK and three neighbourhoods in Germany.