Hanane Bendai

Project Research Collaborator

Hanane Benadi is a PhD candidate in the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Manchester. Combining ethnographic fieldwork and textual analyses, her PhD dissertation explores Islamic discourses on state-formation, political ethics and sovereignty in the aftermath of the military coup in Egypt. Her other research interests include Islamic history, contemporary religious hermeneutics, and morality and ethics in Islam.

She is working on two articles for CSIA in collaboration with Masooda Bano. The first article examines how Al-Azhar retains its authority as a seat of Islamic learning when taking controversial political positions. The paper particularly examines Al-Azhar’s support for the Al-Sisi government and its treatment of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The second article draws on fieldwork with two new Egyptian institutions that have been inspired by a desire to revive what they view as the ‘real Al-Azhari tradition’. In examining their idealised image of Al-Azhar, the paper highlights where – in the popular imagination – Al-Azhar has been compromised due to its close association with the Egyptian state.

E-mail: hanane.benadi@manchester.ac.uk