Emi Ferra

Visiting Study Fellow

Emi Ferra is a PhD student in economics at the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, having completed her master’s degree in specialised economic analysis at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. Her PhD focuses in part on Global Value Chain (GVC) participation in international trade, both in developed and emerging countries. The benefits from increased cross-country production sharing in both the manufacturing and service industries have yet to be clearly assessed. Using datasets from the World Input-Output Database (WIOD), Emi is analysing domestic trade specialisation patterns at country-sector level and relating them to a country’s growth potential. She is looking at how sourcing both inputs and workers – whether skilled or unskilled – from abroad can affect a country’s capacity to raise their GVC participation. Emi has identified a certain degree of substitutability between domestic and foreign inputs and high- and low-skilled workers. 

She is currently working on an article in collaboration with Professor Masooda Bano. Using a dataset related to Pakistan and Nigeria, they are analysing female participation in Islamic and modern schools in these two countries. 

Email: emi.ferra@qeh.ox.ac.uk / emi.ferra@imtlucca.it